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How to Make Herbal Tinctures!

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How to Make Herbal Tinctures
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

TincturesJoin me this Mother’s Day, 5/8/16, as I demystify the process of how to make herbal tinctures. Tincture-making is one of the most important herbal skills you need to have under your belt. Herbal tinctures, also called herbal extracts, provide a thorough extraction of the therapeutic properties of plants. They preserve the potency of herbal medicine for multiple years, and are easy to dispense.

Bottom line: You need tinctures as part of your emergency herbal supplies. So, how are they made?

5-8-16 Lemon Balm GlyceriteThe most common questions I get are about making tinctures. How are they made? What’s the best way? Do I have to use fresh or dry herbs? How do I make a percolated tincture? Does it really take six whole weeks to make a tincture? If I use a stronger alcohol, does that make a stronger extract?

5-8-16 Goat's Rue TinctureThis episode is all about how to make tinctures, from the simplest maceration’s to more involved methods, such as percolation’s and double extractions. I will help you understand the herbal jargon used when making tinctures, as well as some of the “math” that comes along with tincture-making.

What if I don’t consume alcohol? Is a glycerin-based extract just as good? Can I use rum instead of vodka? How much far do I fill a jar with herbs? What on earth does 1:5 and 60A 40W mean? And, what the heck is a double extraction anyway? All will be explained, broken down, and demystified.

12-7-14 Promo with NameWill you know everything there is to know about tincture-making after this show? Unfortunately, no. No explanation can teach you what your own experience working with plant medicines will teach you. However, by listening to this episode, you will know enough to start experimenting and gaining that first hand experience.
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