June 29, 2022


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Kick the Cold and Flu!

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Kick the Cold & Flu!
Host Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Kick the Cold and Flu!It’s that time of year again- cold and flu season. People are lining up for their flu shots, trusting in vaccines to prevent them from getting sick. Thousands of people visit their doctor’s office or outpatient clinic, missing time from work and school. Still more will walk the isles of the local pharmacy like semi-conscious zombies, seeking symptom relief through over-the-counter (OTC) pills, nasal sprays, syrups, cough drops, and anything with the word “MENTHOL” blasted all over it.

Consider, however, that:
• Most of the OTC cold and flu medications don’t actually provide relief.
• OTC cold and flu medications can damage the liver.
• Antibiotics, often prescribed inappropriately, do nothing for a viral infection.
• The “flu shot” is based on guesswork as to which flu strain may be the predominant strain, and that guess has been wrong multiple times.
• The “flu shot” does nothing to help the common cold.

So, if these measures aren’t particularly helpful which ones are? In this episode I discuss:
Kick the Cold and Flu! Herbal Prepper Live150• Preventative Measures.
• What to do when you start to feel “The Ick” coming on.
• How to tell if it’s a cold or a flu (and not Ebola)?
• My favorite way to stop an ear ache dead in its tracks.
• Is a fever really a problem that needs to be solved?
• The best way to use essential oils to fight the cold and flu.
• My favorite essential oil to fight respiratory infections in adults.
• Herbal steams and baths
• An herbal syrup to kick the flu out of you.
Plus, what’s the deal with echinacea? Does it work or not? And, why you should never take that awful-tasting tincture blend of echinacea and goldenseal for a cold ever again. What can be taken instead?
Herbal Prepper Website: http://www.herbalprepper.com/

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