August 9, 2022


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How to Keep Your Liver Healthy!

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How to Keep Your Liver Healthy
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

How to Keep Your Liver HealthyTo pick up where we left off with last week’s discussion about liver function and the importance of keeping your liver healthy, this episode is all about how to care for the liver. This episode will be just about the herbs themselves, what parts of the plants to use, how much and how often to take them, plus recipes for easy, DIY liver tonics you can make at home.

8-30-15 bee-on-dandelion pdOne of the big topics within this episode will be detoxification. The body only has certain ways to release toxins. The food supplement industry, however, has turned the concept of a “detox” into something that seems to ignore how the body functions. What are these “toxins” of which people are so desperate to be cleansed? Why do people even think they need a “liver cleanse” in the first place?

8-24-15 Plantago-Major_Green-Leaves__PDSince the liver is responsible for filtering or “cleaning” the blood, it is only natural to find herbs known as “blood cleansers” among those known for helping the liver. Blood cleansers will be covered, along with recipes for basic herbal liver remedies, including “Swedish bitters” and traditional Fire Cider.

We will also spend some time discussing herbs which are hepatorestorative, which help to restore and replenish liver cells. These substances help the liver heal itself, to grow new cells to replace damaged ones. There are herbs that can help to lessen inflammation and elevated enzyme levels in the liver. It is important you know which herbs these are and how to work with them.

8-30-15 milk-thistle- PDThe bottom line is: you can’t live without a functioning liver. It is involved in hundreds of bodily functions. It is best to create liver health now, and go into any disaster situation without liver problems in the first place. And, if you need help later, and there is no hospital or doctor to turn to, you need to have a Plan B on which to fall back. Herbal remedies can provide that back up plan.
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