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Herbs for Seasonal Allergies!

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Herbs for Seasonal Allergies
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Herbs for Seasonal AllergiesIt’s springtime, the air smells of flowers and cut grass. The sun is out, and there is a gentle breeze. People are outside, enjoying their backyards, gardening, and cooking out on the grill. On the weekends, perhaps they are out camping or hiking. That is, unless you have seasonal allergies.

5-22-16 Herbal Prepper Logo Color Fixed 100In that case, you’re inside and miserable. You have the windows shut, the tissue box and eye drops nearby, and might be drowsy from taking an allergy medication. Your throat is sore from your post-nasal drip. Your eyes are sticky and irritated from allergic conjunctivitis. To top it all off, you’re short-tempered and ornery because you can’t get any sleep while congested.

While antihistamines are great, what if we didn’t have access to them any more? What if, you couldn’t avoid being out in the yard, breathing in all that pollen, because you had to grow your own food or forage for your food supply? Could you do it? Most likely. Would you be absolutely miserable doing it? Most definitely.

In this episode, we will talk about the role that the liver plays in allergic reactions, common seasonal allergy symptoms, and herbs that ease these annoying symptoms, as well as herbal antihistamines.

5-22-16 Prepping for a PandemicAllergies can severely limit your activities, and possibly trigger an asthma attack. In the event that there is no pharmacy available, allergy sufferers will require a back up plan. Herbs offer some solid alternatives to get you through one a predictable, yearly, rough patch.

The time to learn herbal skills and gather supplies is now, while times are still good. I will have a resource page posted after the show airs, with links to herbs, oils, and any necessary supplies mentioned in this episode.
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