Herbal Medicine – How to use it effectively!

Herbal Medicine – How to use it effectively!
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

Herbal Medicine 033 554x400This week on The Human Path Show Sam Coffman will discuss some of the most important basic concepts that you must learn in order to use herbal medicine effectively.

Herbal medicine is not the same as pharmaceutical medicine, and there are many misunderstandings in the world of herbs both on websites, in podcasts and in books. These misunderstandings exist because there is a lot of interest in herbs right now, which creates a demand for books and other forms of information whether it is actually truthful information or not.

Herbal Medicine Decanting-TincturesWhile much of the information out there is well-meaning, it will hurt you in your own preparations if you are basing everything that you do on hearsay rather than on information based on clinical experience. For instance, you can’t just “pop a plant” in the same manner as you would pop a pill. Instead, there are some easy basic concepts you must understand that will make your application of botanical medicine much more effective.

Herbal Medicine 140-660x495Sam will cover the details of how, when and especially why to make various herbal preparations such as tinctures (percolation and maceration), decoctions, infusions, oils, salves, syrups, essential oils, and more.

He will also talk about some of the most critical concepts that are necessary to understand in order to be effective with herbal medicine, such as tissue state. Join Sam as he shares his clinical experience as an herbalist in order to make it easier for you to be able to use herbs in a manner that will give you success no matter what environment you are working in. Sam Coffman Website: http://thehumanpath.com/

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