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Healing, Herbs, & Art

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Healing, Herbs, & Art
Karen Lynn “Lil Suburban Homestead

Healing peacefulacresalvesbookThis week Karen Lynn interviews Diane Coe, blog owner of Peaceful Acres Farm, Author of “The Secrets Behind The Healing – Herbal Salves From Peaceful Acres Farm and an accomplished artist. Over time in blogging circles Diane and Karen Lynn have become fast friends and fast forward to the show this week Karen Lynn is thrilled that Diane carved out some time to come on her show to discuss with all of you the secrets behind those herbal salves. They will be discussing Diane’s life on her farm, her salves, her art work, and much more!

7-16-15 DSC_0139Diane is extremely knowledgeable about herbs, their uses for good health, culinary use, and in daily living! Diane raises around 17 sheep, 5 muscovy ducks, 17 hens and a couple of dogs. Her life is full of abundance and she is a woman of many talents. Check out her blog The Sheperd’s Studio it is chock full of great information and Diane has so much energy and loves to laugh and her energy is contagious!

Diane is a quilter, knitter, weaver, pottery, basketry, and of course beautiful water color art work. Diane’s work is featured on the header at Karen Lynn’s blog Lil’ Suburban Homestead and Karen Lynn has even ordered some of her art work in the past for gifts!

Healing IMG_3002Join us for a fun time talking about herbal healing, how to make your own salves, Diane’s book, and all about her farm lifestyle in Maryland.

Make sure to come join us in the chat room at Prepper or call in and ask Diane your questions directly. This show will be packed with lots of interesting facts about farm living and inspiration! Diane will inspire you to embrace your dreams and to pursue your passions and very importantly to make your health a priority!

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