August 10, 2022


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Foraging Wild Food for the Prepper

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Foraging Wild Food for the Prepper!
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path

ForagingThis Tuesday, Sam Coffman talks with Dr. Mark “Merriweather” Vorderbruggen, the creator and host of the highly informative website: Foraging Texas –

Mark shares his expertise in the world of foraging wild plants for food, and the two of them discuss some of the main points to be aware of relating to eating wild foods. First, they talk about the realities of nutrition with wild foods and the amazing nutrient density that wild foods give us. They also discuss the realities of getting enough calories from wild foods from day to day. There are a lot of misunderstandings about obtaining enough calories from wild foods without being able to store from season to season, and this is highly valuable information for the prepper.

ForagingMark and Sam discuss several of the edible plants that grow in most, if not all, North America. They talk about the protein and nutrient content of these foods, how readily available they are in the cities and in the wild, how to prepare them and what to watch for in regards to toxins or toxic lookalikes.

Merriweather’s website contains a smorgasbord of information, detailed pictures, descriptions and preparation tips for edible plants found not only in Texas, but around North America as well. His store (The Forager’s Shack – ) lists the best books on this subject to be found as well.
Join Sam and Merriweather as they talk through information on identifying, harvesting and even growing wild food in your back yard, your neighborhood or in the wild.
Sam Coffman Website

Excellent, Informative A Must Listen!!!

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