April 19, 2021


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Enterovirus 68 and Herbal Medicine

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Enterovirus 68 and Herbal Medicine
Host: Sam Coffman “The Herbal Medic

Enterovirus 68A lot of questions have been raised recently about the Enterovirus 68 (aka EVD68, Enterovirus D68).  This is a respiratory virus that has been moving quickly through the USA and having very serious effects.  Like most respiratory viruses, it is very easily and quickly spread and has been affecting especially children with very serious symptoms.  As is the case with most pathogenic viruses of an acute nature like this (cold, flu, etc.) there is really no treatment protocol in orthodox medicine.  There is no anti-viral or vaccine.

Join Sam Coffman as he discusses herbal approaches to respiratory viruses – particularly EV68 and the family of viruses that it comes from –  and how you can keep yourself healthy.  If you or a loved one is infected, there are many medicinal plants that very likely grow in your own neighborhood or eco-system and are very effective in helping the body overcome and heal from an infection much more quickly.  It is crucial not only to know these herbs, but how to prepare them and the timing and manner of administration in order to get maximum benefit.

During tonight’s podcast, Sam will discuss:

  • Ankle Wrap coolBest approaches to keep your immune system strong and have a higher resistance to respiratory viruses
  • His favorite herbal respiratory formulas
  • Best methods of preparing herbs that you are using in respiratory formulas
  • Top 5 respiratory herbs in North America
  • Understanding more completely how herbs work (they aren’t pharmaceuticals and don’t work that way) so that you can be far more efficient in your own use of herbs
Listen to this broadcast on Enterovirus 68 and Herbal Medicine in player below!

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