June 29, 2022


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Elderberry, The Flu, and You!

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Elderberry, The Flu, and You
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Flu Black-Elderberry-Fruit_62739-480x360Everything you could want to know about elderberry, the flu, and you is in this episode of Herbal Prepper Live. For a flu remedy, it’s pretty tough to beat the healing power of Elderberry (Sambucus nigra). Elderberry can be taken every day as a way to stay healthy, or as a way to cut the duration and severity of the flu by half, more effective than Tamiflu. There are excellent, commercially-prepared elderberry syrups and extracts on the market. I think this is but you can make these easily at home for a fraction of the cost.

Herbal Prepper Live150Influenza remains one of the most likely candidates for the next great pandemic. Each year, thousands of people in the United States die from complications associated with the flu. Each year, there is a massive media push to get a flu vaccine, especially if you are in an “at risk” group (the very young, the very old, pregnant, or you work with sick people). Low-cost flu vaccines are offered at pharmacy “clinics”. Some people swear by them, others avoid them at all costs.

12-14-14 2ElderberryWe have an interesting situation this year with the flu shot not being nearly as effective as hoped. Still, the government recommends that you get one anyway. Regardless of your position on whether this is a good practice or not, I would ask, what if it simply were not an option. What if we didn’t have Tamiflu or a vaccine? What if supplies ran out?

In my opinion, elderberry makes a great remedy and preventative, regardless of what’s happening in the vaccine world. In this episode, we will look at a few different ways to make elderberry remedies, other herbs that work well with elderberry when it is and is not the appropriate remedy, and address the warnings about elderberry’s “toxicity.” Doesn’t it contain cyanide? Is it safe for children? How much is a dose anyway?

Join me live on Sunday, 12/14/14 at 7pm EST/4pm PST for this info-packed, timely topic.
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