July 4, 2022


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Cold and Flu Season, Fire Cider Recipes!

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Cold and Flu Season and Fire Cider Recipes
Host: Sam Coffman “The Herbal Medic

Fire CiderJoin Sam Coffman this week as he helps us prepare for cold and flu season using extremely practical and effective herbal formulas.  Sam will discuss the immune system and how we can boost it to help prevent respiratory viruses (e.g. common cold and flu bugs) as well as how to help our body cope when we don’t catch an illness in time and do get sick.  Sam will also discuss some of the other factors around seasonal illness and herbs that can help us cope with things like excessive stress, inadequate sleep, nutritional deficiencies and more.

11-11-14 fire cider - chopped ingredientsFinally, Sam will talk about Fire Cider and how useful this is as a preventative.  He will also discuss the original Fire Cider that is hundreds of years old, and how that concept has been hijacked by a group of folks and their attorneys, who claim to have invented it and are trying to trademark this historical blend that should be available to everyone.  If you don’t want to make your own (and it’s very easy), Sam will have some great suggestions for alternatives out there that are far superior products to the substandard product that is being trademarked as “Fire Cider” now.  The real herbalists with better recipes and all local ingredients, have had to change the name of their product from the generic “Fire Cider” that everyone has used for decades, to terms like “Fire Tonic,” etc., but are very effective products.  The recipes to all of these products are readily available as well, and Sam will discuss many of them.
Sam Coffman Website: http://thehumanpath.com/

Listen to this broadcast of Cold and Flu Season and Fire Cider Recipes below.

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