August 17, 2022


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The Basics in Herbal Formulas!

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The Basics in Herbal Formulas!
Host: Cat Ellis “The Herbal Prepper Live

Herbal Formulas, The BasicsHerbal formulas are a severely underutilized resource by preppers. Plant-based remedies provide an easy, affordable, and renewable alternative for post-collapse medicines. Herbs, mushrooms, trees, and other natural items, like honey, provide a wealth of traditional remediesthat you can make and grow at home with minimal and easy-to-obtain equipment.

Basics 20140227_162514Herbs also have a sort of stealth function built into them that many preppers can appreciate. You can stock up on lots of your own, custom-tailored herbal preparations and formulas without drawing the same kind of attention and compromising questions you might garner if you tried to stock up on pharmaceuticals. And, due to the fact that the average person is largely clueless when it comes to plant identification outside of a tomato and a cucumber, your Survival Herb Garden will not draw the kind of attention as, for example, your vegetable garden. Most will think your herbs are either a pile of weeds or that your medicinal flowers are purely ornamental.

Basics Anrica Infused Oil in CrockpotWMWhile the practice of working with herbs, known as herbalism, and the study of herbs, known as Herbalogy, might seem strange and esoteric to those unfamiliar with it, or perhaps associated with exotic, far away places and not really something that modern, western culture “does”, Western Herbalism is a viable and effective tradition of utilizing herbs to address both loss of health and encouraging health.

Herbalism is both an art and a skill, and both are easy to learn. Most people when first learning how to use herbs, are surprised at how simple much of it is. This episode will cover the basic methods of preparing herbal formulas, such as:
Basics Rose-Infused HoneyInfusions
Herbal Vinegars
Herbal Honeys
Salves, lotions, and creams

Many of these have very long shelf lives of at least one year, and some much longer. You can literally put years of remedies for a multitude of complaints away in a dark, cool spot, and they will still be as good in ten years as they were the day you made them. Be sure to tune in and listen to how easy it is to make your own herbal remedies. They are a prepper’s health’s best friend.
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