Spring, the Liver,and Seasonal Allergies

Spring, the Liver,and Seasonal Allergies
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Spring, The Liver,and Seasonal AllergiesAfter a long winter, spring has finally arrived, bringing with it springtime allergies. Predictably, the very popular topic of “liver cleanses” is hitting the blogosphere at this time of year as well. What you may not know is that liver function and allergic reactions are related.

How are liver function and allergies related? More to the point, what does this have to do with prepping?

Spring o-LIVER-facebookOn the most superficial level, let’s assume that the worst has happened, and pharmacies run out of all medications from cough drops to coumadin. True, you won’t die from seasonal allergies. Dealing with allergies making life miserable when it’s already rather miserable can, however, put you at a distinct disadvantage.

If you are not able to get proper sleep at night because you are congested, unable to get your garden planted because the sinus headache pain from going outside is severe, or you are having trouble seeing through itchy, blurry eyes, then you simply cannot function as well as you will need to when it really counts. Besides, why make a bad situation worse with annoying allergies?

Spring imagesIf you have severe allergies, you have a few options. You can stock up on allergy medications, herbal remedies that calm reactions, and things like neti pots, or moving to an area that doesn’t trigger your allergies. However, what about not developing allergic symptoms in the first place?

The liver has several functions. The most commonly known is that the liver filters toxins in the body. If your liver is overworked filtering the toxins in our environment and food, by taking too many pharmaceuticals, if you have Fatty Liver Disease, your liver cannot function at peak efficiency, and other functions of the liver will be effected. One of the livers other functions is the production of antihistamine, which regulates the body’s histamine production (allergic reaction).

Certainly, impaired liver function is not the only cause of all types of allergic reactions. However, this episode will challenge you to stop looking at seasonal allergies as merely isolated episodes, and instead begin viewing it as a potential signal that there is something else going on in the body that deserves attention.

This episode of The Herbal Prepper Live may be about allergies with herbal tips and tricks to alleviate allergy symptoms. But, it’s really about caring for your liver, which is crucial to good overall health. Tune into this show to learn how to support your liver, both now and after a collapse.
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