August 14, 2022


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Herbalist’s View on New “Vet Med” Regulations

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Herbalist’s View on New “Vet Med” Regulations
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Do you rely on so-called “vet meds”?
Herbalist’s View on New “Vet Med” RegulationsThe FDA has recently stepped in to regulate these medications, specifically antibiotics. The hope here is to slow down the advance of antibiotic resistance. In this episode, I share my thoughts on antibiotic resistance, as well as the impact this regulation may or may not have. Most importantly, I will discuss herbs that I think anyone looking for a truly sustainable supply of herbal medicine should know.

What are “vet meds”?

11-6-16-juniper-berriesFor those who do not know, “vet meds” are medicines marketed to pet owners which are the same as those prescribed to humans. Common antibiotics, like amoxicillin and ciprofloxicin, can be purchased from a feed supply and pet supply retailers without prescription and for a much lower price.

What is the impact of these new regulations?

Many people use and stock up on these antibiotics, often marketed for pet fish. Some people cannot afford a doctor and prescription cost. Others are stocking up in case of emergencies. Will the new FDA regulations impact you? What about down the road?

How big of a threat is antibiotic resistance?

11-6-16-artemisia_annuaThe risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria doesn’t get nearly the amount of media coverage it should. Consider what would happen to modern surgery without antibiotics. We have not been good stewards of this form of medicine. The FDA has been too slow to act. In my opinion, this measure is too little, too late.

What can be done?

From my vantage point, there are two issues to address- access to antibiotics and failure of antibiotics in the future. Do do this, we need:

  • Strategies to reduce the chance of infection
  • Strategies to improve the body’s response to infection
  • An understanding and access to herbs which have antibiotic actions

These three steps provide a renewable plan for facing bacterial infections when pharmaceutical antibiotics either are not available, or worse, fail.
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