May 19, 2022


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Herbalist Katja Swift Interview!

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Herbalist Katja Swift Interview
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Herbalist Katja Swift Interview!This week on Herbal Prepper Live, I will be chatting with Boston-based herbalist Katja Swift. Katja, along with Ryn Midura, founded the CommonWealth Center for Herbal Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. Katja is the center’s Director of Education. 

From Katja’s bio on the CommonWealth Center for Herbal Medicine’s website:

Katja is an herbalist and teacher working to help adults, children, and families rebuild their relationships with their bodies and with their own ability to heal.

By teaching people how to understand what’s going on in their bodies, to eat real food, and work with medicinal plants, she helps them to reestablish their connectivity to the earth, to themselves, and to one another.

Katja likes words like educate and choice, hike and campfire, music and art. Also, enough, plain speech, and integrity. She abhors the way in which the phrases “I can’t” and “I have to” are overused in our culture.

10-23-16-herbal-prepper-live-transparantKatja chooses to practice in Boston (as opposed to greener, wilder places) because city folks need plants, too. The dandelions come to live in cracks in the sidewalks just to be close to us: teaching in a city means that more people can recognize them in gratitude instead of trying to be rid of the weeds. She homeschools her twelve-year-old daughter Amber, who makes a very good pot of tea, loves dogs, and enjoys helping in the school and clinic.

Another project that Katja and Ryn are both involved with is the Herbal Medics program founded by Sam Coffman. Katja and Ryn have founded the first Herbal Medic chapter in Boston.

Herbal Medics is a 501C3 non-profit bringing integrated herbal and orthodox medicine to medically and economically underserved communities. Herbal Medics has been involved in several relief and education efforts in the W. Virginia, North Dakota, and Nicaragua. The program’s blend of herbal medicine with sustainable-living technologies has much to offer to preppers and survivalists.
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