Herbal Steams for Cold and Flu Season
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Herbal Steams for Cold and Flu SeasonThis week, I’m talking about herbal steams for the cold and flu season. Cold and flu season is roughly October through May, with a peak in February. I talk about herbal medicine for respiratory infections periodically throughout the season. Herbal steams is a perfect, simple, it’s also an effective place to start.

Herbal steams are an ideal way to get herbal medicine into the respiratory system. They soothe irritated tissues and can ease congestion. Breathing in the steam brings the herbs’ aromatic and therapeutic properties directly to the infected tissue.

11-13-16-herbal-steam-1Essential oils and an ionizing diffuser might be more potent. But, herbal steams can be made with simple plant material you can grow yourself. The humidity from the steam is soothing in its own right. Herbs are far more cost effective and easily renewable. While I love my essential oils, herbal steams have a lot going for them.

11-13-16-juniper-1039770_960_720There are many herbs that can be used for herbal steams. Some of the herbs I will talk about include thyme, rosemary, peppermint, lemon peel, and juniper. Some of these herbs are tricky to grow in colder climates. Rosemary and lemon trees are good examples. I will touch on some of the tricks to growing lemon trees indoors also how to keep rosemary alive through the winter. The rest can be grown easily in your herb garden and in the case of peppermint, perhaps too easily and I have a solution to that as well.

11-13-16-thyme-pdHerbs for respiratory infections is one of those areas where herbal medicine shines. Relief really can be had without the “medicine head” and drying out of mucosal tissues that are common when taking over the counter pharmaceuticals. We have a long cold and flu season to get through, and herbal steams will make it much more comfortable.
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