November 30, 2022


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Herbal Cold and Flu Care!

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Herbal Cold and Flu Care
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Herbal Cold and Flu CareCold and flu season is here. It has already hit our household, hard. One of the best ways to use herbs is for cold and flu relief. And thankfully, I had lots of herbal cold and flu remedies on hand early this year.

Let’s say that you catch a bad cold or perhaps the flu, it can be hard to tell them apart. This episode covers how to tell them apart, as well as provides some of my favorite herbal remedies for respiratory infections.

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If you go to your doctor during cold and flu season, there isn’t much he or she can do. The typical advice is simply, “Get rest, drink plenty of fluids, and take something like ibuprofen for any body aches or fever.”

If you’re lucky, you may get a prescription decongestant. Otherwise, you will end up with one of the useless over-the-counter remedies at the local drug store. You will likely end up with “medicine head” and not actually feel well.

Cold and flu relief is one area that herbal medicine truly shines. Herbs can bring quick and lasting relief to inflamed, irritated sinuses, relieve congestion, help make coughing more productive and less painful, soothe sore throats, easy body aches commonly associated with Influenza, and support proper immune function.

We will also spend a little time discussing the role of fevers in recovering from a respiratory infection. We are accustomed to taking fever-reducing medications in the US, but is that really the best thing to do?

While I have collected the recipes for hundreds of cold and flu remedies over the years, I have a few favorites. I will share my top three favorite herbal remedies that you can make from ingredients you can find in most grocery stores.

Be sure to catch this episode and come back to it often throughout the cold and flu season!

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