May 22, 2022


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Herbal Medicine & Tropical Disease!

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Herbal Medicine & Tropical Disease
Host Sam Coffman “The Human Path

Tropical Disease mosquitoThere are a lot of diseases – bacterial, viral, protozoal, parasitic – that have started to spread out of their normal range lately. One example of this are the some of the illnesses that immigrant children and adults are found to be infected with, along the border of USA and Mexico, during the border crisis we currently find ourselves in there.

Tropical Disease Hookworm-PostTuberculosis, dengue fever, cholera, body lice and other diseases or health care issues are being seen both in this population as well as along the border in the “Colonias” that are the shanty border towns on this side of the border. In fact, the first case of chikungunya virus (mosquito borne) has been found in Texas as well. In this part 1 podcast, Sam Coffman will discuss several of these tropical and unfamiliar diseases that are debilitating (sometimes leaving life-long health concerns) or even fatal.

Tropical DiseaseSam will talk about approaches to these specific health concerns using herbal medicine, given a situation when there are no pharmaceutical medicines available. What are the steps you would take to handle an outbreak of dengue fever, tuberculosis or chikungunya virus in your own community in a post-collapse situation? Join Sam as he discusses all of the aspects from hygiene and quarantine to specific medicinal plants and their proper use.

Next week, Sam will continue this podcast with more on tropical disease that are not yet a specific threat inside the borders of the USA, but are still concerning as they spread, such as the Ebola virus and hemorrhagic fever. He will also cover some of the serious diseases within the borders of the USA that seem to be consistently growing, such as Lyme disease and new tick-borne disease.
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