Herbal Medicine, Origins of Modern Medicine!

Herbal MedicineHerbal Medicine and the origins of what we know today as Modern Medicine and the difference between the two. This week, on Pet Prep Radio we welcome guest Dr. Kal Sellers, DC, MH: Founder of SVHC, aka “The Mad Herbalist”, to discuss Herbal Medicine, Modern Medicine and the difference between the two. We also get down to the “nitty gritty” about issues that are affecting us today that are making us weak and vulnerable.

Dr. Kal believes that individuals can, if they are taught correctly, be proficient at healing themselves and their families. This coursework also represents an effort to establish tools to help Western practitioners assess patients and critically evaluate whether an approach is working or whether a diagnosis is valid.

Herbal Medicine Antelope HornsDr. Kal’s teachings are an integration of Dr. Royal Lee’s nutrition research, Dr. John Christopher’s practical herbal medicine knowledge, Dr. Versandaal’s Contact Reflex Analysis tools (and various other non-invasive diagnosis methods) and Dr. Kal’s unique clinical integration and assessment advancements.

He works with Wind River Herbs, who makes many of our products, supplies many of the bulk herbs we recommend and maintains a high quality product line. We also support the School of Natural Healing as the premier school to obtain a Master Herbalist Degree at the present time.

Dr. Kal’s Goal: To replace bondage with freedom, weakness with power, neurosis with talent, failure with excellence, disease and death with life!
This is a show that is a very appropriate topic that we should keep in the front of our minds on a daily basis! Sheri The Organic Pet Lady says, “Get Prepared and Stay Prepared”…
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