June 29, 2022


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Herbal First Aid Kit- Part Three

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Herbal First Aid Kit- Part Three
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Herbal First Aid Kit- Part ThreeTonight wraps up this series on herbal first aid kits. Here, the focus will be on topical applications, such as salves, powders, and washes. The types of injuries these help tend to be cuts and lacerations, skin infections, wound care, and eye care. Plus, we will also talk about appropriate containers for your herbal remedies so you don’t end up with lots of leaking and broken glass in your kit.

Prepper's Natural Medicine Herbal First Aid Kit- Part ThreeYou really never know when you might need your first aid kit. Recently, my young daughter got her hand caught in a folding chair, and ended up with two long slices in one of her fingers. This was beyond what a simple bandaid would cover, so out came my kit. Her finger was washed in an antibiotic herbal soak, and then a comfrey and plantain salve was applied, and the fingers bandaged up. We changed out the bandage before she went to bed, and then again when she woke up the next morning. The sheer speed of the healing to her finger surprised even me. What should have taken at least a week to heal, was almost entirely healed by the next morning.

Herbal First Aid Kit- Part Three arnica PDIn addition to wound washes, something I haven’t covered much are eyewashes. There are three common reasons for why you may need to administer an eyewash. These are allergies, infection, and to flush out an irritant. If you had conjunctivitis, or your eyes were itchy to the point of distraction due to allergies, how could you handle this if access to a pharmacy were cut off?

Herbal First Aid Kit- Part Three Herbal-First-Aid-Kit-433x325Once you have made your remedies, how will you store them and transport them? What kind of bag or box will you keep them in? Will this be a kit that is mobile, which you take with you, or will it be a larger kit that is intended for home use? Containers and storage are major considerations since you do not want your precious herbal medicines leaking and oozing into your kit.

Be sure to catch this episode for all this, plus announcements, my latest appearances, and next week’s guest!

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