November 26, 2022


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Growing Your Own Medicine!

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Growing Your Own Medicine
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Medicine 800px-Rose_rosa_rugosa_pinkIt’s officially spring, and that means it’s that time of year to get planting your medicinal herb garden. The question is, what herbs are the most important herbs to grow? In this episode of Herbal Prepper Live, we will cover a wide variety of herbs for your home garden to cover a range of needs.

Your medicinal herb garden can provide pain relieving herbs, anti-inflammatory herbs, and antibiotic and antiviral herbs. You can grow your own allergy remedies, asthma remedies, and expectorant herbs. Your home garden can be a source of arthritis relief, tension relief, and migraine relief. And you did you know, that many of the herbs you can grow at home can help manage blood pressure and blood sugar too?

Medicine hyssop-225065_640While many people would recognize bottles of Amoxicillin, Metformin, and Methocarbamol stored in your supplies, the medicinal herb garden offers stealth. You can grow a pharmacy in your garden, and most people wouldn’t be any the wiser. Many look like decorative flowers, while other herbal medicines would look like nothing more than weeds.

Medicine Coptis_occidentalis2Most typical seed catalogs carry culinary herbs, and perhaps a few medicinal herb choices like echinacea, sage, and peppermint. But, where do you find seeds for thing like valerian root, jewel weed, or astragalus? Or how about ephedra, which is still legal to grow, but not permitted to be sold in a finished product in the US? I have three great seed sources for all the herbs in this episode.

What if you have a brown thumb? There are many herbs that can take a beating, thrive in poor soil, and survive in spite of neglect. Plus, I have a few book recommendations for herb gardening to answer any of your medicinal herbal gardening questions.
Make this the year you grow your own medicine and take charge of your medical preparedness.
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