June 29, 2022


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Collapse-Resilient Health Care Plan!

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Collapse-Resilient Health Care Plan!
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Collapse TincturesModern medicine has some truly wondrous, life-saving procedures and medicines. It excels in it’s diagnostics techniques and heroic interventions. However, does the US really have a health care system? I say, emphatically, “no”.

3-15 Preparations2Much of what we have is a “sick care” system, with a heavy dependence upon maintenance medications that do little more than maintain the current state of illness in an individual. People are then expected to take this or that pharmaceutical indefinitely, just masking the problem, and not solving the problem. If the condition worsens, the solution is to cut something, zap something, or chemically saturate something.

3-15 Bronchitis Soothing Tea (4oz by weight)What happens, however, to people who are dependent upon maintenance medications? What happens to people who have been relying upon pills to treat symptoms, instead of choosing options that cultivate health, if our nation’s grid were to be hacked? What happens when a normal suburban neighborhood is suddenly without antacids, high blood pressure medications, pain pills, and anti-depressants… all at the same time?

Living with illness when times are good isn’t pleasant, but it is often tolerable given our modern lifestyles and conveniences. Living with illness when times are tough, when our conveniences and services aren’t available, might be a death sentence. The smart strategy, is to create your own, collapse-resistant health care plan.

The writing is on the wall. There are tough times ahead.  While things are still good (relatively speaking), NOW is the time to get healthier, more fit, better prepared for a life with a whole lot more walking and bending and labor. Now is also the time to learn the skills to grow and craft alternatives to pharmaceuticals which would likely become scarce or non-existent in the future.
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