June 29, 2022


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Be Ready for Cold & Flu Season 2015
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Cold & FluThe cold and flu season comes around every year about this time. Kids go back to school, the weather gets cooler, the days grow shorter, and we are all inside in closed populations for most of our days. This is a breeding ground for the cold and flu viruses to spread. This shall continue until next spring.

Cold & Flu Homemade-Elderberry-Syrup-by-thesoftlanding.com_Over the counter remedies leave people wanting, never quite relieving those rough cold and flu symptoms. Herbal remedies, however, can help fight off this year’s viral respiratory invaders. Tune in tonight to learn how. We will cover traditional flu remedies, like elderberry syrup, plus some ideas for variations on this classic herbal remedy, such as how to make elderberry gummy candies.

When are antibiotics really needed? When is it time to stay home from work or school? We’re also going to talk about how to recognize if you have a cold or a virus, or even a fungal respiratory infection. Be sure to listen to learn how to do this.

Cold & Flu slide03While most respiratory infections start off as viral infections, these can weaken us to the point we end up with a secondary infection. This can be bacterial bronchitis or even bacterial pneumonia. What would you do if this happened during a disaster? What herbs would you choose? We’re going to cover this, plus which herbs that you should be making into tinctures now to have on hand for when cold and flu season kicks into high gear.

Plus, let’s talk about homemade cough syrup, homemade earache drops, and potent antivirals and antibacterials that you need to keep on hand. Plus herbal soap, natural disinfectants, handwashing, and how can you keep your family from spreading around the cold? We will cover a bit of herbal hygiene and how to make an herbal disinfectant for your household surfaces.
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