June 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Accidents Happen
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Scenario 1
Accidents anatomy-high-techYou’re strong, fit, capable of lifting heavy trash bins overhead into dumpsters in a single swoop. What’s this? Shooting pain? You twisted your spine in just such a way that you have managed to injure a disk. It’s now bulging, and your dealing with shooting nerve pain and painful muscle spasms. Every step you take causes you pain. You can’t even get comfortable while sitting.

Scenario 2
11-9-14You have been at the office all day. You have put in extra hours, and your neck is sore, you’ve got a headache, and you’re fatigued. All you are looking forward to when you get home is kicking back on the couch, putting your feet up, and watching a movie. You begin to notice, your right leg, way up where the leg meets the hip, you’ve got a distinct pain building. It is making it’s way down your leg. You’ve had this before, and you know what you’re in for. It’s sciatica, and you’re not going to be able to get comfortable from the pain, never mind get any sleep tonight.

Now, imagine these kinds of injuries post-SHTF. You wouldn’t be able to do your basic chores, provide security, or escape if necessary. You need to take care of these as soon as possible.

11-9-14 CayenneSalveJoin me for the next episode of Herbal Prepper live as we discuss common injuries like this, and what you can do about them to get you back on your feet and moving ASAP. I have worked on a lot of massage clients with these exact injuries. I will describe how I handled these injuries in my massage practice, as well as provide herbal remedies for you to make ahead of time to keep on hand for just these types of injuries.

Accidents happen, tune in on Sunday November 9, 2014 on PrepperBroadcasting.com to learn how to recover from them fast.
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