October 3, 2022


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Two Old Salts Talking About “Salt”

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Two Old Salts Talking About “Salt”
Host: Bob Hawkins “The APN Report“ Audio in player below!

Two Old Salts Talking About “Salt”What bears scrutiny more important than anything else, is the food we eat, and what effects it has on our wellness. If you haven’t seen a photo of me, you may not realize that I’m “fluffy”, in other words, I’m a fat guy. A shuffling member of a vast growing segment of the modern population of humans currently infesting the land.

It’s stunning how the average height of US born men & women, has increased by 5 inches in the last 100 years. Yet what’s even more stunning, is how the average weight of these same Americans have increased by TWENTY POUNDS just in the last 40 years! Well over half of us are OBESE. And we’re riding around the cake & ice-cream isle of Walmart on those little electric carts. Our whole culture has grown BIG & FAT.

I can go on & on about the Sugar Conspiracy. Of High Fructose Corn Syrup. The real reason Coke came up with New Coke back in the early ’80’s. But the other pillar holding up the sad epidemic of overweight & under exercised society, is the topic. Salt.

Salt is essential for healthy living, and a little goes a long way. But there’s WAY too much of it in the food we eat. While there’s nothing wrong with salt on a pretzel, it’s another matter altogether when there’s salt in foods you don’t expect, like that “diet” soda.

So for this weeks show, I’m gonna call on an expert in the wildly ways how salt turns up in foods you’d least expect. I’m having my buddy call in & join me on the show, Butch Watts, who after having a heart attack a few years ago, had actually taken his Dr’s advice serious, and cut WAY back on his salt intake.

Not only that, Butch surprised his Doc by STAYING on a Low-salt diet lifestyle for more than a couple of years, to the point some 70 pounds later, his doc told him he can ease up a bit, IF HE WANTS TO.
Ol’Butch got an advanced Phd in learning how much salt is good for ya, and more importantly, how much salt is not. To me, that makes Butch a “Expert” and he’d make a fine quest to have on the show.

I myself am bound to get healthy again. I’m maintaining an exercising lifestyle on my bicycle, yet I’m still battling a war on my set of bathroom scales, a fight to a draw. After moderate losses I’m NOT losing anything anymore. I’m beginning to wonder if a life-long salt addiction is holding me back. Talking to Butch Thursday night (9PM EST), may help me find a way to reign in the amount of salt in my diet. It may be what it takes to get out of the fat suit I’ve been walking around in for some 20 odd years.
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