November 26, 2022


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Sugar and Soured Health

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Sugar and Soured Health
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Sugar and Soured HealthThe last APN Report was all about lowering the amount of salt in a diet as a good way to lose weight. Not so much of a diet but more of a lifestyle choice & awareness of what is in the foods we eat. This episode is on the same thing but just a different side to the food spectrum. We’re going to be talking about a subject that has been front & center in my mind for more than 10 years now. We’re going to discuss SUGAR.

I can easily guess that more than half of my listeners have some dealings with having too much sugar in their diet. That’s because typically OVER HALF of our population is pre-diabetic, or have Adult Onset Diabeties,… AKA Type 2 Diabeties.

Diabetes has taken the place of Smoking as a major detrimental factor in the health of our society today. Our country in general has become MORBIDLY OBESE. A fact easily seen in the customers walking or rolling around the isles of any Wal-Mart or other big box department store or shopping mall. Not just adults, but also our children have become obese, and our whole society has taken on changes in clothing styles & sizes, our automobiles have changed to accommodate larger, heavier passengers & drivers, our homes have changed in door dimensions, stair treads, room dimensions that take into account larger occupants.

What has caused this sea change in our domestic world? To a large part, (pardon the pun) it has everything to do with Sugar. Tune in Thursday Night 9 PM & I’ll give you the “short skinny” on this “Sweet Science”.
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