November 27, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Self-Defense and the Bible, with The Gunmetal Armory and Archangel Dynamics

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This week on TGA, we are gonna visit the library of the Gunmetal Armory. We are going to call on our brother Miles F. from Archangel Dynamics… and if possible, we are going to bring in another special guest. We’re going to discuss self-defense, what can happen in those highly charged situations, and what the Bible says about self-defense.

What are Christians expected to do if their lives are threatened? “Turn the other cheek?” Is it Christian to defend yourself and your family? What does God say about self-defense in the Bible?

Are you considering a new 80 lower receiver but not sure about your spiritual right to defend your home? 

We have touched on so many subjects before, but we have never found our way into Christianity and Biblical matters. Rather than thinking we know, its time to look deep into these subjects and see what the Bible says, and see what is expect of Christians. So this week, we are gonna talk with Miles and possibly another special guest about the Bible, self-defense, and what our role is. 

We will go over all of this and more, this week, on the Gunmetal Armory. Plus we will talk about the 2nd Amendment, any crazy stuff I noticed at work, or in my own gunsmithing shop…. and anything else I think you guys might find interesting.

We will also touch on our usual weekly segments, the Product Pick of the Week, and our Giveaway. Join us this week as we discuss self-defense and what the Bible says about it, only on… The Gunmetal Armory. 

Join us this Thursday at 6pm Pacific or 7pm, possibly 9pm Eastern depending on where you are in the U.S.A. And don’t forget to join us on Chat!!

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