October 3, 2022


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Play and Prepping Healthy Fun!

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Play and Prepping Healthy Fun!
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Play and Prepping Healthy FunHow about it will you come out and play with me? What? No is that what I heard, Why? What what was that, you say your and adult and adults don’t play! Pish Posh if you aren’t playing your playing with fire, emotionally, mentally and definitely not as in good of health as you might believe.

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When we talk about preparedness most become a wee bit somber even down right serious, not that becoming prepared in all areas of your life isn’t serious or important BECAUSE it certainly is. But how we get there to that prepared state makes all the difference.

Its easy to recognize the importance of play for children, in fact it is very well documented. But do you have any idea how important it is for adults, the huge benefits for adults. The researchers are finally realizing that play isn’t just about goofing off, or being lazy it actually can be a very important means of reducing stress and increase your overall well being.

Did you know we are wired to play it’s part of evolution. It’s time to head down the path of play here at A Preppers Path, join us Tuesday October 31st yes that’s Halloween for a spectacular event…… All about Play and it’s importance to the preppers world and each and every adult, play isn’t just for kids. See you at 6pm PST on Prepper Broadcasting.com.

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