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When Darkness Comes
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When Darkness ComesWinter is just around the corner and with it comes a plethora of changes for everyone. Change is oft-times difficult and for the most part unwanted by many. Then again Change can be a breath of fresh air and most welcomed. The thing about change is it comes and with it comes the unknown. Dealing with that unknown or quite possibly not dealing with the issue becomes a trial for many.

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What happens when that change and the fear it brings with it consumes us, our day, our thoughts our entire lives. We have all heard the term Depression and more probable than not we’ve suffered it in one degree or another at sometime. Perhaps it’s just a blue day, nothing is really wrong but it’s not quite right either, or you just have that gloomy outlook but you don’t know why, or sadness really descends and won’t go away, sometimes not for a day, a week or a month.

When do we need to worry about this depression? What can we do to help prepare for this reaction to change or guilt or fear? Is there really anything we can do to prepare? Yes in fact there is, we can actually prepare for anything that occurs in our life paths. It is vital to understand that preparing doesn’t mean that an event isn’t going to happen, what it does do is enable us to ride out the storm or storms, to come out the other side with as little consequence as possible.

Our show When Darkness Comes will focus on the mental and emotional aspects of being prepared. Reveal some of the tools we can use to recognize that darkness and it’s coming. Understanding that depression is a broad term used these days just like stress, you hear one or the other term somewhere almost daily. What are the levels and when does depression become a medical issue. More importantly we will delve into how to recognize, prevent and chart a course through that darkness when it does come.

Not knowing how to recognize or having the tools to combat those forms of darkness can threaten our lives. Come learn how to combat the darkness big or small, and enjoy the 3 P’s Peace, Power, and Prosperity.

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