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Self reliance and independence

Navigating Grief
D J Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

5-4-2016 griefThis week has been a real struggle for me to even write this.  My family recently suffered a tragedy that had me literally unable to accomplish things I needed to do.  My perspective changed as to what was a priority.  School work did not get done, this write up did not get done…no words made it into the book.  Everything came to a screeching halt in my life to process and deal with this.

Right up until I wrote this, I still could not figure out what to discuss.  Then I realized that in a SHTF situation it is very likely we are going to experience tragedy.  We will possibly lose a loved one or maybe our home.  The scenarios are endless, yet the grief is always present.

Navigating Grief StagesOn this episode I want to talk about the effects of immobilizing grief and the implications of this in a survival scenario.  Also look into ways that we can try and prepare ourselves for this possibility.  No one is ever prepared for such events but we can take steps to assist ourselves and others in continuing on during the grieving period.  Their very lives may very well depend on it.

There are 5 distinct stages of grief:

  1. Denial and isolation: In this stage we rationalize, hide and even deny the reality of it. It is a defense mechanism that buffers the immediate shock.
  2. Anger: As the denial and isolation begin to wear, reality and pain re-emerge, and we become angry.
  3. Bargaining: Feelings of helplessness and vulnerability create a need to regain control.
  4. Depression: We all know this stage at some point in our lives it is often associated with the resignation and acceptance of the loss.
  5. Acceptance: Not everyone reaches this stage and in their grieving; it is the final stage and sometimes the hardest to attain.

Addressing grief is an important factor in our preparedness plan.  The possibility of grief becoming a wall in our survival plans is very real.
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