November 26, 2022


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What Is Your Default Emergency Mode?

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What Is Your Default Emergency Mode?
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What Is Your Default Emergency ModeThis special show is going in a different direction than originally planned. A number of things happened over the past week that have relevance to prepping that need to be said.

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Last week, I talked about ideas for herbal and diy holiday gift ideas. I was going to get some articles up on my website to give you specifics on recipes, and then wrap up the topic with a few more gift ideas this week. Not a normally challenging task, unless you have a chronic illness catch up with you.

Most of you know, our household had a rough couple of months dealing with a personal matter. And while all that is now thankfully resolved, something slipped by me unnoticed. In all that crisis, I had slowly taken on old, bad health habits, and it led to my blood glucose doing some unpleasant things.

When we are thrown out of our normal routine, it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves. We have all done this at one point or another. The question remains, how do we avoid this? What strategies can we put in place so that when the SHTF, we don’t end up surviving it, only to be our own undoing later on?

How do you handle crisis? When faced with a stressful situation, do you leap into action? Do you freeze? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you begin forgetting self-care, like taking necessary medications or supplements? Does stress trigger you to eat more than normal, or do you turn away from food? You don’t have to have a chronic illness for these behaviors to cause problems, but it is certainly worse if you do.

Sometimes, it is not the crisis itself that is the real danger. Sometimes, it is how you manage yourself through the crisis that is the biggest threat of all.

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