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Lyme Disease Part 2

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Lyme Disease Part 2
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Lyme Disease Part 2This show picks up where we left off last week in a series on herbs and Lyme disease. We will talk more about various herbs for Lyme, as well as Lyme coinfections. Check out last week’s description (below) for more about this series.

This episode of Herbal Prepper Live part 2 of a series of shows on Lyme disease. Lyme is a devastating disease that is spread by ticks. While Lyme was first noted in Lyme, CT and has plagued New England states for decades, Lyme is now present in ticks all across the US.

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Lyme disease, aka borreliosis, causes a range of symptoms and can lead to life-threatening conditions. Common Lyme symptoms include fatigue, joint pain, fibromyalgia-like pain, trouble sleeping, and difficulty with focus and memory. Left untreated, which is common, Lyme can move deep into the body, into the central nervous system, heart, and eyes.

To complicate matters, Lyme presents in each person in a unique way. A person with Lyme will have some, but does not have to have all, of the symptoms in order to have Lyme. The severity of symptoms will vary as well. Plus, there is the issue of Lyme co-infections, where the tick passes along yet another infection.

On top of that, the narrow definition of what constitutes borreliosis, has resulted in many people being tested, yet undiagnosed. People who have fallen into this category often get a diagnosis of another condition, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or arthritis. And, if you are lucky enough to get properly diagnosed early on, you get a round of strong antibiotics that leave patients feeling miserable. Still, it is better than having Lyme go deeper into the body.

While the treatment of Lyme can be long and complex, there are plant medicines that have brought relief of Lyme and coinfection systems. Plants can also play a role in managing the tick population. We will be covering Lyme symptoms, plant allies, and common coinfections over the next few episodes.

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