November 26, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Health in Prepping with Dr. Joe Alton!

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Health in Prepping with Dr. Joe Alton!
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Health in Prepping with Dr. Joe AltonOn this episode of the APN Report we have an important guest. Prepping’s own survival Doctor, Dr. Joe Alton (a.k.a. Dr. Bones) and Nurse Amy join us. Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy are true pioneers in survival medicine, imparting invaluable advice for all who seek self-reliance. We cover ground that will help us get a realistic approach to handling our own health care, while still relying on modern medicine by medical professionals. We intend to face the prospect of aging,with a rational approach, to deal with everyone’s ultimate crisis.

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Last weeks show was held up due to me needing tests done at the VA Hospital in Charleston SC. I needed to have them done, and this has inspired todays show.
We prep & prep, & prep some more yet still, there’s always something that will forever be beyond our preps… our own frail little bodies can’t last forever.

Now right off, I must make clear, I don’t have bad news of some terminal illness being discovered. My trip to get some medical tests didn’t reveal sad bad news… at least as far as I know.
But it has brought home a blind spot I have in my preps, and perhaps most everyone has. With great luck, I shall have a long, happy & healthy life, but I shall still grow old, become infirm, and eventually need more & more reliance on medicine, and will eventually cease to stay healthy, despite of my efforts & intentions.

This could be described as the realization of my own mid-life crisis, but I’m coming to grips that I’m no longer young, no longer indestructible. And that the span of years that seem to forever speed up, comes with a progressively terminal cost.

So how does this relate with Prepping?
It means that while we all strive for self-reliance, we shall never totally be self-reliant, that if we intend to survive life’s trials, we must ultimately need help. Need aid by medical professionals, need care & treatment through medicines & therapy. We ultimately cannot always count on slapping a band-aid on it, kiss the fevered brow & with a throat drop and herbal tea, go whistling happily on.

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