December 5, 2022


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Health, as a prep?

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Health, as a prep?
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Health, as a prep?As a prepper we often think we are supermen, we are above the curve, we know it all. Well don’t jump to too many conclusions there just yet. We as preppers have many aspects we have to control, one being health. I was inspired to do this show from a previous show on health.

I talk about my struggles, the myths, the things we have been told all our lives that simply are not true. Now just a side note, I am not a doctor, and I do not treat anything. I just came to a point in my life where I had to change.  And I was 415+ lbs and I felt horrible. If I were to put on a bug out bag I wouldn’t make out the door. I decided I needed a change. I was in bad shape if anything were to ever happen, I know that just doing simple stuff I got winded, and my back hurt. This is no way to live.

As important as our supplies are I think our health is a number 1 prep. We can gather all the supplies we want but if our health is not there then our preps are for nothing. I see it all the time, people get a 50 lb bag and think they can jog a marathon while on their way to go get fast food. It really kind of sickens me these days to see people destroy themselves.

We also discuss what I know and what the science says behind maintaining a healthy weight. Be prepared for a shocker cause many things we have been told are simply not true or bad science of yesterday. Maybe we can dispel some of these myths and get you on the right path if you’re not already. Remember just losing a few pounds can help you in the long run.
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