August 9, 2022


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Health and Preparedness!

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Health and Preparedness: How Healthy Are You?
Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided!

Health and PreparednessOur health is a major concern for many of us and rightfully so as the impacts of poor health reach into every aspect of our lives. In the world today we are bombarded daily with messages about products to increase or treat a health issue, so much so that we often tune out the messages. We switch off the noise about taking care of ourselves as it has become a looped recording playing over and over again.

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However, maintaining healthy or becoming healthy should be our first priority particularly those of us who consider ourselves as preppers or those who are prepared. But have you really thought about how healthy you are? Do you know how healthy you are? Is there anything you can do about it? What impact this have on your life? What affects your health?

Good health isn’t achieved by accident. Just like preparing for a major storm isn’t an accident. It takes assessment, planning and execution of the plan to prepare for the coming storm. Being unhealthy leads to a multitude of storms in our lives and very often ends in a devastating disaster. There is of course much we can do to alter the course of our lives and our health individually as well as in our communities.

Have you heard of Health Determinants? There are 5 social health determinants that affect our health as well as our community and should be addressed both individually and collectively. Our diet and exercise aren’t the only things that affect our health; what about genetic pre-disposition does it signal a roadblock or the end of the road? Research is revealing there is much more to becoming and staying healthy than we once thought.

Listen in to this episode of A Preppers Path for a look at our health and the tools we can implement to achieve a healthy life for ourselves and others.

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