August 14, 2022


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Exercising our Preparedness Muscle!

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Exercising our Preparedness Muscle
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Exercising our Preparedness MuscleBecoming prepared in life covers a wide range of aspects and topics in our everyday lives, we often focus primarily on our basic disaster preparedness. There are websites ranging from governmental to private, profit and nonprofit all clamoring for our attention about becoming prepared. But what about ourselves, our personal being? How’s your health?

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Can you run a mile or even walk a mile, never mind in my shoes but your own. Our personal health dictates much of what happens in our individual walks in life. Some of us are in great tip top shape physically, but for the majority of us well maybe not so much.

The new year is fast approaching and with it all those New Year’s Resolutions to change this or that. One of the rally cries is, I am going to finally lose weight, or this year I am going to get in shape and for 3 weeks to 3 months the local gyms are full of those people, then sadly the New Year has passed and life has moved on. Our excitement and resolutions tend to fade away. But what about physical fitness and its importance in the world of prepping. Does it matter, can I change it, will I change it.

We have all heard the claims about exercising and it’s benefit and we know it’s good for us, but this conversation often revolves around weight loss. BUT oddly it’s not one of the health benefits exercising is likely to produce, particularly on its own. What you may not know is that physical activity is crucial to our health not just physically but mentally. The key for those of us living prepared is that we must prepare ourselves both mentally and physically if we are to thrive and survive.

Join A Preppers Path in player below as we really look at exercise and why it’s so important in our road to preparedness; find out why it’s so important and not just for our heart and some tips on how you can commit to exercising on a regular basis and some perks you may not have heard about. You won’t need gym clothes or shoes or extra water, just you and your ears when you tune into A Preppers Path on No sweat today anyway!!!

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