May 23, 2022


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Electrifying developments in bicycling!

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Electrifying developments in bicycling!
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Electrifying developments in bicyclingThroughout the bicycle industry two trends have created a bright future in bicycle development, an aging customer base, and the rise in popularity of electric powered vehicles. In some ways, both are joined at the hip. With more people re-discovering their health by getting back on a bike, it has in part, ushered in a new electrified kind of bicycle, an enabler for better fitness.

Instead of just sticking a motor & throttle on a bicycle, e-bikes add pedal-assist capability, applying electromotive force, proportional to the effort one apples to the pedals. There’s still effort put in by the rider, but the strain in doing so is greatly reduced. This results in enabling those who once lacked the strength to pedal a bike, to easily pedal & to pedal well.

Ask people what’s so attractive about e-bikes: they can be ridden by almost anyone. They effectively level the playing field so it doesn’t matter if you’re a bit older, you’re less fit, or you have health issues — you can still enjoy the benefits of riding a bike.

This show we will discuss the rising popularity of electrified bicycling, how it may impact on the future of bicycling across the country, and especially how a electric bike may effect someones prepping plans.

To help explain things, we be enlist the advice of Aaron Maynard of Pedego Bikes, an e-bike dealer who’s doing brisk business selling & renting electrifying bikes.
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