June 29, 2022


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Ebola Still Living in Doctor’s Eye!

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Ebola Found Still Living In Recovered Doctor’s Eye
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Ebola 1200px-Ebola_virus_virionWhile Ebola may have been out of the news, the problem hasn’t gone away. Ebola is still going strong in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. The numbers of infected are well over twenty thousand now, and the outbreak isn’t showing signs of stopping.

5-10-15 green-eye-detailWest Africa isn’t the only place that has Ebola going strong. It has also been raging strong in the eye of Dr. Ian Crozier. Apparently, the Ebola virus can live long after it has left the blood and can survive within the human eyeball. Who knew that was even possible?

And that is the key issue here. This is the only time that Ebola has continued long enough for us to observe how to survive an infection, and what the Ebola virus does to the human body long term. In addition to the previously known symptoms of hemorrhaging, fever, and intestinal disease, an after effect of having Ebola is eye problems. These problems include headache, blurred vision, eye inflammation, pressure around the eyes, even a change of eye color, from blue to green.

5-10-15 Patient_in_hospital_bed_joondalup_health_campusDr. Crozier’s eye eventually changed back to it’s originally blue. But, others have also suffered long term Ebola recovery effects. These include muscle inflammation, chronic pain, deafness, and difficulty walking. Does this mean that Ebola is lurking elsewhere in their bodies, like it was in Dr. Crozier’s eyeball?

All tests of the eyeball showed that the surface of Dr. Crozier’s eye and the tears were clear of Ebola, and only existing inside the eyeball, and not a threat to anyone else. However, this is a good reminder that there are still many lessons to be learned from this outbreak. Not just about Ebola, but about new and emerging diseases, and about what we can expect to happen during a pandemic.

This show will discuss the new information on Ebola that is not making the nightly news, and how this applies to any new disease or mutated disease we may face down the line. It’s not just about one disease, but about how to prepare for a pandemic no matter what it may be.
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