November 26, 2022


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Do you have a plan for migraines?

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Do you have a plan for migraines?
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Do you have a plan for migraines?We are talking about how to avoid and respond to migraine headaches. The last thing anyone needs during an emergency is a migraine, so we will look at what a migraine is, what triggers a migraine, and herbs that I use for migraine relief.

Every day, I become more convinced that the great political divide in our country will lead to a second civil war. I hope and pray that I am wrong. But with each additional riot, that hope dwindles.

If this really is the direction we are headed, then time is running out to get prepared. If we see more frequent and more violent civil unrest, you can bet that your easy access to pharmacies will be restricted. Pharmacies and medical centers would be big major, vulnerable targets during such a conflict.

These are the thoughts that have run through my head ever since my son had a week riddled with migraine headaches. Any parent would have wanted to help relieve the discomfort. But I couldn’t help but think, “What if we had to evacuate right now?”

Having also had migraines myself, I knew what he was going through. I imagined what evacuation would be like for him with a migraine. What he would and would not be capable of, and how we might be able to adjust our plans accordingly?

If you have never had a migraine, then you do not understand how debilitating these headaches truly are. Imagine the worst headache you have ever had. Multiply that by 10 and add in nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. As my son said, it feels like your head is going to “explode”. Simply put: if you get a migraine, you won’t be able to function.

A migraine headache is never welcome, and there is no ideal time to experience one. If you or a loved one experience migraines, what would you do without access to migraine medications?
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