December 2, 2022


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Digestion System and Complaints Part II

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Digestion System and Complaints Part II
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Digestion System and Complaints Part IIThis episode continues our series on the digestive system with a look at some viral and parasitic infections which are currently both common and generally easy to survive. However, in a post disaster scenario, could become far more serious. We will also discuss one more bacterial infection that will become a far more common, serious threat- cholera.

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Digestive SystemOverwhelmingly, the norovirus is the most common “stomach bug.” An estimated 90% of all non bacterial gastroenteritis globally is caused by the norovirus, and approximately 50% in the US. It is extremely contagious and concentrated population centers, such as nursing homes, schools, prisons, and cruise ships, where the virus has a chance to spread like wildfire.

Next on the list is the rotovirus, which produces the same uncomfortable symptoms as the norovirus: vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and potential for dehydration. The rotovirus, however, is largely the result of modern agriculture spreading contaminated waste, which the spreads through contaminated food, water, soil, and lack of adequate hand washing. The rotovirus is still a killer for children in third world conditions.

Digestive System ginger-rootBoth giardia and cryptosporidium (often called crypto) are protozoa that, like the rotovirus, find their way to us through contaminated water, food, and for crypto, contaminated soil as well. Similar symptoms- vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, but more severe and for a longer duration.

Increasing in severity of illnesses, the next on the list to cover in this episode is cholera. Cholera, is caused by a bacteria, Vibrio cholerae. While it is sometimes found in shellfish that have been feeding in sewage-contaminated waters, cholera is a threat wherever there is poor sanitation. If we start seeing failures of systems, like electriticity for rural wells and municipal water treatment for cities, cholera will be far more a common occurence. To make matters worse, several strains of cholera are now showing antibiotic resistance.

Digestive System bee_on_barberry_flower public domainAn economic collapse, grid-down event, and any number of other natural or manmade disaster could easily throw the US into third world conditions where. Hygiene and nutrition have been what has made these stomach viruses merely uncomfortable interruptions in our lives, while elsewhere such an infection could be far more serious.

Herbs can offer real help in each of these circumstances. Tune in to learn about potent antiviral, anti-parasitic, and antibiotic herbs that have been shown through scientific studies as well as the test of time and tradition to fight these infections, ease the symptoms, and simplify the process of how to treat digestive system infections after a TEOTWAWKI event.
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