November 26, 2022


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Death and Dying
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Death and DyingIn this show EK is back. She will be talking about a very tough topic. Death, dying, and the stages we all go through in the process. In this show we will be discussing what stages a person goes through when they know they are dying, knowing when to let someone go, what happens when someone is dying, how to handle and cope with what is happening, and what to do with the body once they pass away.

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Most of us have never seen someone die in real life. What you see on TV or online do not even begin to compare to what actually happens. Seeing someone die in real life from a video you found online still has some disconnect to being there with someone as they pass on. Death can be harder to deal with as you watch a loved one slip slowly away from this life. In a grid down or SHTF scenario life is going to be bad and you have to know the 5 stages that a dying person is likely to go through. Those that are older may tend to go straight to acceptance stating they have lived their life, but some will never reach the acceptance stage and will die before they reach peace.

The 5 stages of death and mortality we will discuss are:

Stage 1: Denial, Shock, Disbelief. This usually hits people when they tend to be alone.
Stage 2: Anger, Rage, Hostility. The dying may strike out at family members and medical staff.
Stage 3: Bargaining. The dying will plead with the doctor or religious figure head to save them.
Stage 4: Depression. The person tends to withdraw from everyone or stops talking for awhile.
Stage 5: Acceptance. The person has accepted they are dying and tends to prepare for it.

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