August 14, 2022


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Creatures that Bite and Sting Pt.3

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Creatures that Bite and Sting Pt.3
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Creatures that Bite and Sting Pt.3Flies, Lice, and Coyotes. In this show, you will be guaranteed to have your skin crawling and feel itchy all over. Be prepared to be grossed out and terrified. Flies have always been viewed as nasty, but after this show you will think much worse of them. Lice is quite a terrible thing. Especially if you have children. And then we have Coyotes, this creature has more to it than just an elusive, solitary animal. The facts that I have for you, are both fascinating and disgusting. This show is going to bring the series to a whole new spot. We will continue to go over species facts, ways of avoidance, deterrents, and what to do when you do encounter such creatures.

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So we will continue the kids request. That’s right! All the things that bite and sting. “The creepy crawlies.” We will go over what critters you wanna stay aware and away from. As an individual or even in a family, you have to be aware of the potential hazards in the everyday setting.

Hiking, walking, fishing, camping, out in the garden or doing yard work. These are common things everyone does during the summer. You can and probably have encountered many type of creatures and bugs. Bugs, ticks, bees, wasp, snakes, and yes those in the deep south the terrifying Alligator, and many others. We will discuss a few insects and animals you want to avoid, how to avoid them. How to be aware of the areas that some of them may even be in. Even go into depth of what some of these animals can actually do to you. Common treatments for some of these actual encounters. Definitely preventatives for the ones we REALLY want to AVOID. Maybe you can not avoid certain ones completely, but we can a least try to minimize the exposure. Join us as we go further into discussion and ask yourself. How do you handle tick bites? Do you know which critters are dangerous and which ones are just plain annoying?

This is a need to know for all ages and walks of life. Bring the kids and make it a family learning experience. Remember it takes a village to raise a child, and WE ARE THAT VILLAGE. Our family will go so much further with these necessary know hows. Don’t miss out.

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