October 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence


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Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

CONTROL high_cholesterol_warning_signSo you spend your days eating fast food, chugging a few beers after work, and occasionally having a cigarette. Or not occasionally. Heck, you also love your Starbucks and rich desserts. The price you pay for these indulgences? High Cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity. Although. Like Diabetes, it is all genetics, and you can be a fitness buff and still suffer from them. Chances are you have seen your doctor and are under treatment to keep them manageable. Let’s face it, all of them are killers, so imagine what route they would take should the world face extinction or a global event.

CONTROL diabetesThis week on the Apocalypse Nana show, our hosts will wind out if your “condition” will cost you your survival! Join Jackie, Rob, and Dom as they discuss modern day ailments and if treatment for these issues is possible during the apocalypse. Can a diabetic get insulin? Could someone with a heart condition get medication? Could a schizophrenic receive their meds? Millions of people all over the world have issues like these, and we’re going to find out who can make it through the End of days. The team will also look at how different disasters can adversely affect what resources, including medication, are available.

Our hosts will also discuss sure to find these life saving solutions in the wake of the end of the world. Everyone would think a hospital – but would there be anything left to find? Where else can you forage for Medical supplies? And where should you avoid? I think you’ll be surprised what out hosts have to say.

CONTROL shanaOur guests this week are returning guests and trained medical professionals. Author, Shana Festa who is also a nurse joins us and weighs in on her beliefs. Shana the usually upbeat and chipper woman, is not so optimistic about handling illnesses. Our other guest, Sonia Rudolph is a nurse practitioner. She is known by some as the secret magic witch because she has the ability to make people feel good. Can she work her magic in a bunker?

Find out this week, only on the Apocalypse Nana show!
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