August 10, 2022


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Amazing Blue Balls The Blueberry!

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Amazing Blue Balls The Blueberry!
Host: Lynna… “A Preppers Path” Audio player provided!

Amazing Blue Balls The BlueberryThe blueberry, you know that pretty little orb of blue we make muffins, smoothies and more out of. The one that is delicious all by itself with nothing added. They get their name from their deep blue color and are one of the few fruits native to North America. We all know they are tasty but do you know how beneficial they are and what a boom to a prepper based home they can be. Not only delicious they are packed with nutrition and are classed as a super food, rightfully so.

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Scientific research in the United States, Canada and Europe continue to reveal the amazing health benefits of the blueberry. Early on Native Americans recognized the value of these little blue orbs, their versatility and health benefits, using them for medicinal purposes as well as natural flavorings. Although native to North America it wasn’t until 1911 that blueberries made it from the farm to the table. Many believed the blueberries that grew wild could not be domesticated, much like the huckleberry. Thankfully that didn’t prove to be true.

Tune into A Preppers Path this coming Tuesday as we explore the world of the Blueberry! Find out the incredible health benefits these little blue balls contain as well as just what they pack in the field of nutrition and tasty food. We’ll also talk about how to raise them and where. Don’t miss this fun show.

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