June 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Going Bunkers
Host: Jackie “Apocalypse Nana

Going Bunkers main.insaneWelcome again to another Apocalypse Nana show! This week we will discuss schizophrenia, depression, compulsive obsessive actions, bunker fever, and other mentally challenging ailments in the bunker. So grab those pink and blue pills, medicinal injections, aromatherapy concoctions, and specialized smoking anecdotes and enter–at your own risk, of course–Nana’s bunker where it’s safe.

Is Nana’s bunker really safe, though? Is your bunker the happy soulful and melodious place it should be with mentally challenged survivors mixed with sane survivors? Should these groups be segregated? And if so, why and how? Is it even sane to think of euthanasia regarding such hazards in your bunker? Would you starve those who are mentally unsound? Could you ethically and mentally face that challenge to make such a life-threatening decision for the victim, you, and other survivors in your unit? These are just a few of the questions that will occur in Nana’s sixty-minute show. So prepare for the worst and guzzle some Paxil, Zoloft or Prozac, and listen to the wild and crazy antics in Nana’s bunker.

Bunkers illnessOther topics of interest will cause some uproar this Thursday, of course, when our hosts and guests will be asked what do to about various mental illnesses (bipolar behavior, hallucinations, and anxiety) in the bunker, and how to sustain such catastrophic situations in contained places. Are you as a leader of your bunker, or a follower, capable of determining the five categories of mental illness in your close confines? Do you have a plan of action for such dilemmas? If not, Apocalypse Nana is just for you this week, offering you some mental thriftiness, and more.

Joining the insanity this week is Thomas Carpenter.

 Bunkers tomcarpThomas K. Carpenter writes in diverse genres including: YA dystopia, post-cyberpunk apocalypse, steampunk, historical fantasy, and alternate history. His latest series, the Alexandrian Saga, has garnered rave reviews from readers and critics. His best selling novels and short stories can be found at all major online retailers. He lives in St. Louis with his wife, two kids, and one oafishly large Labrador retriever.


Is Tom in for an experience or what?

Bunkers mental-illnessInsanity in the bunker stays in the bunker, right? Or doesn’t it? Only the sassy and great one, Nana (Jacqueline Druga), her adorable co-hosts Rob and Dom, and her intriguing guests will determine such quizzical answers to some bad behavior, and hash some brain cells together. So get ready for an hour of mind-boggling madness and exhausting screams for help. It’s time for you to enjoy yet another week of survival information, some guaranteed fun, and a few on-air lobotomies. — It will be just a little pinch. Ouch!
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