August 7, 2022


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Wound Care Essentials!

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Wound Care Essentials
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Wound Care EssentialsAre you ready to act as your own emergency medic if you needed to? Even if you have taken a first aid certification class for work, you’re not really prepared for much beyond put pressure on the wound and call 911. But, what if 911 isn’t available?

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Don’t feel badly. Most people are lacking in the essential skills necessary for wound care in emergency situations. This is true even among preppers. If you are one of the many preppers who still need to learn more about wound care, you’re going to love this episode.

Tonight, we are joined by our good friend and frequent guest, Chuck Hudson. Chuck is the founder of the survival school, The Medic Shack, based in New Mexico. Mr. Hudson will be sharing with us some of the wound care skills he mastered during his days as a combat medic and EMT-P.

Being ready to handle injuries and wound care isn’t just about reading or listening to training material one time. In order to really know these skills, you must review and practice them frequently. They must become so ingrained into you that these skills become automatic. Otherwise, you will hesitate, overthinking yourself into analysis paralysis.

Whether you are concerned about surviving natural disasters, a fall on a hiking trip, or the many common injuries around the homestead when you live many miles from the nearest hospital, everyone should know the essentials of wound care. Typical first aid trainings are sorely lacking for these situations, but this episode will get you started down the right path.

Plus, I have some news to share about upcoming courses at my own online school, Herbal Prepper Academy. As much as I am busting at the seams to shout it from the rooftops right now, I’m saving the big announcement to make during this episode. Be sure to listen!

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