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Surviving Gangrene Post-SHTF

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Surviving Gangrene Post-SHTF
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

6-26-16 Surviving GangrenePlease join me and my guest, Emergency Preparedness Instructor, Chuck Hudson, as we talk about one of the nastiest and life threatening conditions in a post-SHTF situation- gangrene.

At one of Chuck’s recent classes, he had the opportunity to work with a woman who had gangrene on her foot. She had refused all standard medical assistance, and herbal care was the only treatment this case was going to see. Most herbalists do not get to have first-hand, clinical experience with gangrene. Considering how common of a condition gangrene would be in post-disaster world, this is important to discuss.

6-26-16 Creosote_bush, Larrea tridendata, chaparralGangrene is simply dead tissue. This can be because of an injury or an illness, such as diabetes, that may decrease circulation to the feet or hands. It could also be an illness that restricts blood flow to an organ. At which point, organ tissue begins to die and infection ensues.

6-26-16 Plantain and Comfrey 001The most wildly recognized danger here is that if the tissue is infected and then that infection enters the blood stream, you now have to deal with the risk of sepsis. Normally, we would turn to modern antibiotics for sepsis. But, what do you do when that’s not an option? Gangrene is serious business. If an infection takes hold, death may take place within 48 hours in some cases.

1 Preppers Nat. MedicineNot all cases are caused by injury or lead to infection. They can still be life threatening. Cases from Raynaud’s syndrome, and diabetes can result in a “dry gangrene”. The external skin cells begin to die off, change to a blue or black color, and slough off. However, the person would eventually loose their hand or foot over time. That would be an enormous disability now while times are good. Consider the immense liability that would be in an SHTF situation.

Chuck and I will cover what gangrene is, different types of gangrene, standard wound care, sepsis, and herbal strategies in case medical help is no longer available. Take a look around the world, folks. Things are going to get worse before they get better. Knowing how to take care of your health in case the medical system fails is vital to your survival.
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