August 11, 2022


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Sepsis – Blood Poisoning Fast Lane to Death!

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Sepsis – Blood Poisoning Fast Lane to Death
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Sepsis – Blood Poisoning Fast Lane to DeathWhat do you think of when you hear the words Sepsis, Septicemia, or better known as blood poisoning?

Does the elderly come to mind? Perhaps you think of a grandparent that passed away after contracting it while in the hospital for another ailment. Or perhaps it was someone older who got it after an accident while in the intensive care unit. It could have been an adult relative that had diabetes who cut their foot or had their skin break down. Or even a neighbor that had cancer that suddenly died from an injury while on chemo but you assumed it was because they had cancer. Perhaps you are not even aware of sepsis and the danger it presents to your life or the life of someone you know.

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Well the truth is even a healthy person can get Sepsis. You can get it from a small scratch that you think nothing about. You can contract it at the beach while swimming in warm waters with a wound on your leg. Even from a cut while fixing a fence on your property. Do you know what to look for when hours count? Now is the time to learn what to do before your loved one loses their life from Septicemia.

We will cover what Sepsis is, how you contract it, what puts you more at risk, symptoms that you need to watch for, and treatment plus how it is diagnosed. We will cover what to do to help prevent blood poisoning. Sepsis is very serious and can quickly leave to death. Be prepared for what you may have to face today or when the grid goes down. If society has collapsed and no medical treatment is available, then time really is of the essence. The quicker the treatment the better the outcome.

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