Herbal and Conventional First Aid Kits with Guest, Chuck Hudson
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Herbal and Conventional First Aid KitsOn this episode of Herbal Prepper Live, I’m chatting with our good friend, Chuck Hudson, about first aid kits. We are taking a look at and talking about the best herbal and conventional supplies to have in your kit and how to use each item.

Chuck Hudson is a former combat medic and survival instructor in New Mexico. Chuck’s latest articles and classes can be found at www.TheMedicShack.net.

A good first aid kit is a critical component of being prepared. However, you can’t just go to the store, buy one of the ready-made kits off the shelf, and call it a day. Most kits are filled with only a few small bandages, a few alcohol wipes, some bacitracin or antibiotic cream, some gauze, and a lousy tweezer that doesn’t work well. They barely prepare you to remove a splinter.

It is far better to put your own kit together. You can pick quality supplies and be able to make multiple kits. Building your own is also a good time to get familiar with each of the components. Learn how to use them before they are needed.

Also, as preppers, we aren’t just looking for the average first aid kit. We’re really looking for something beyond first aid. You’re not going to buy that level of kit at your local Walmart. Though, you may buy some of the supplies for a self-assembled kit there.

This is an important time to review your supplies. Summer has arrived. People are outside more. It’s a great time to go camping or cook on the grill. It’s also a time for bug bites and stings, poison ivy, sunburns, campfire accidents, plus more cuts, abrasions, and sprains from being more active outdoors. Not to mention, the increased tension in our world today.

Whether you are brand new to prepping or if you are an old hat, this episode will help you get your first aid kit beefed up and ready for whatever lies ahead.
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