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Delivering a Baby on Your Own During a Disaster!

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Delivering a Baby on Your Own During a Disaster!

Delivering a Baby on Your Own During a DisasterGiving birth to a human life form is the privilege that nature has granted women. It is a wonderful feeling to become a mother. You feel responsible for your child and are always protective towards it. You always strive for perfection when it comes to providing your baby with what it needs.  It is the mother’s love that helps the newborn survive and thrive to become a capable human being. Without proper care, the infant is prone to diseases, weakness, defects and even death.

To prevent situations such as these, it is always people’s first priority to have the child in a hospital. Not only does a hospital provide a safe and clean environment, but the staff is stationed there to serve you and your baby. The doctors are there to make sure that your delivery goes smoothly and no harm comes to you or your child during the process. The nurses make sure that you are well fed and your baby receives the proper care and attention while you rest.

There are although some unfortunate occasions when this does not happen. There could be a possibility that a natural disaster or a man-made accident has closed down the route to your nearest hospital. Even though there are urgent care centers in nearby areas but sometimes even those are out of access.  In cases like these, you must not panic and gather as much help as possible or gather enough strength to help yourself get through the situation.

Assessment of Your Resources:

As soon as you start feeling contractions and know that the baby is going to come out within a few hours, you need to assess what you have to do. The things that are available, the people around you, if any are available, if the phone lines are working or is there electricity or not. If the phone lines are not working and your mobile has no service, have your husband get help from the nearest people. Medical care during disasters is really hard to find which is why you need the company of people who can handle dangerous situations if anything goes off hand.

You must also search for those books you probably might have read during your pregnancy. These books tend to have detailed medical advices and procedures that can help save your life by recognizing any worrisome signs.  No electricity is not a huge issue; just make sure that you have sufficient emergency light sources to have an area that is well lit for you to see around. If it’s really hot then open a window for ventilation.

Preparing Yourself For the Procedure:

When you are done with navigating your surroundings, you must find a suitable spot for you to lie down. The bath tub should never be your first priority as the lack of space can make you feel uncomfortable. Opt for a really soft rug or your bed for that procedure. Lay a plastic sheet or a shower curtain, or any fabric that you don’t mind being stained or do not stain the rug or the bed sheet. The most preferred position for giving birth is for you to be on all fours. If it makes you feel comfortable, grab a chair and position it on the edge of the bed. Then with your torso on the bed, put your legs on the chair. The space between the edge of the bed and the chair can give you the same posture that is adopted in hospitals during delivery.

The Delivery:

Once you start delivering the baby, you must refrain from pushing too much.  Take several deep breaths after every push. This way you don’t strain yourself too much and are able to have a better and healthy delivery. During delivery, see that the umbilical cord is not tied like a noose around the baby’s neck. If it is, then gently untie it with your finger. Once the baby’s head is out, pull ever so lightly with your hands and push only when you feel that pulling isn’t working.

When the baby’s out, you would need to have a skin to skin contact with your baby. This will keep her warm and calm. To help her breathe, you need to rub her back and front. Clear any placenta on the baby’s nostrils, mouth, ears, and eyes.

Cut the umbilical cord with a sterile set of scissors which need to be boiled in hot water to ward off any bacteria. Provide some time for them to cool off as well and then cut the cord. After that, you only need to bathe your baby in lukewarm water.

To reduce any stress post the delivery, eat something nutritious sugary or drink a natural juice. Any juicy fruits will help you as well and provide you with enough glucose to keep you awake and functioning. In times of peril, it is the company of your fellow humans that you need the most, which is why you need to keep at least 2 people by your side to help you and assist you. It is not just your responsibility to take care of the child but also the people alongside you must help you have a healthy delivery.

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