March 3, 2021


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First Aid and Self Aid!

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First Aid and Self Aid!
Josh “7P’s of Survival

First AidLast week we talked about building a kit for wilderness first aid or self aid and also what is needed for treatment of a gun shot wound or massive trauma. We then talked a good bit about medicinal herbs and plants for that first aid kit and I detailed those items I now carry. This week we are moving on to how the first aid kit we built, in addition to your 10 C’s Kit, can be utilized to effect first aid and self aid.

What Will We Cover This Week:

  • Bleeding– We will start the night talking about trauma, focusing on bleeding control initially. We will explore the basics for bleeding control and move into which plants can also help stop bleeding.
  • Mechanical Injury– Next we will move to mechanical injuries and how you can stablixe those injuries with the kit you carry. We will explore cutting tools, sheaths, cordage, cotton, sticks, air matresses, sleeping pads, clothing and much more.
  • Bites/Stings/Skin Ailments– We will then shift to the treatment of bites and stings off all the creapy crawlies and also those ailmnets that attack your skin such as poison ivy.
  • Blisters– Next we turn to the prevention and treatment of the most common ailment in the woods and how your existing kit can help make you more comfortable.
  • Hypothermia/Shock/Dehydration– The three killers will bring us near the end of the show as we talk about how to recognize these issues and what you can do to treat these critical issues.

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